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Hundreds or thousands of lines of code are required for building a mobile application. Building a high quality app can be a difficult task for most of the developers and mobile app development teams. Testing and fixing the bugs can be a problematic process. Nobody enjoys it, and everyone wants to do something else apart from bug fixing. Overly complex tools available in the market force the team to fix the issues without any interest. This can make their work suffer.

appOwiz is a unique tool that makes the developers invite the users to test the app and report the bugs within the app. Getting your clients involved in the quality assurance can be the best option. This will help them understand the features and functionality of the app too. The users can notify the developers about any bugs found.

This tool has an option where the users can capture the screenshots and video with the annotations for reporting the bugs. The developers will get notified that the user has submitted the bug information and he/she can make the required changes. It makes quality assurance streamlined and helps the developers and project managers save their time and efforts. As the bugs are reported right at the time of development, the developers do not need to work on testing and bug fixing after the app is developed.

appOwiz detects and records crashed sessions automatically. This helps the developers get an idea about the exact sequence of actions that made the app crash. This tool can be used by individual developers or large teams to manage their app development project easily and efficiently. So, no more negative feedbacks on the App Store.

Get your app checked by users for any kind of bugs and create apps free from bugs.

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