How can appOwiz help in bug-free mobile app development?

Every mobile development project requires bug and issue tracking system to identify and fix the problems within the multiple lines of code. is a comprehensive bug and issue tracking app that allows the users to submit the bug reports within the app. This app ultimately results in a better end product. This bug tracking and reporting app can increase your speed of the development process and helps you manage the critical errors as well as issues.

The app is suited for both sole developers and large teams. Choose the best suited package according to your requirements and taste.

Why ?

For Developers
The developers can invite the users and get information about the bugs reported by users. As the developers get notified about the bugs and issues in the app during the development phase itself, they can fix them quickly.

For Users
allows the users to capture the screen shots of the app where bug is found and add annotation to highlight the bugs and issues in the app. There is an option to record the audio option to describe the captured screen.

For Project Managers
It helps to improve the team productivity as it streamlines the work flow. The Project Managers can assign the tasks to the developers and track the changes.

Your search for an issue-tracking ends here with . Give your team the power of easy collaboration, simplicity of use and ease of communication without breaking your bank.

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