appOwiz – Bug tracking tool to deliver flawless apps

Looking for a great way to track the bugs in the app you’ve built? appOwiz is a complete bug tracking tool that helps the developers get notified about the bugs in the app. The users can record the bugs and issues within the app and submit them to the developers. This tool helps the developers get the perfect app without any mistakes. It is simple for the users to submit the bugs with tapping. Programmers get notifications about the issues in the app during the development phase. So, it helps to reduce their time and efforts too.

appOwiz for Programmers

appOwiz is a unique bug tracking tool that helps the programmers invite the users and ask them for the feedback on the app. If the users find any bugs or issues in the app, they can capture the screenshots and send it to the developer. The developers can work on the app and remove any bugs found within it. This tool also sends comprehensive crash reports to the developers so that they can make the necessary changes and keep the app live.

appOwiz for Customers

This tool allows the developers invite their clients so that they can test the application during the development. The customers can capture the screenshots and videos and annotate them before submitting to the developer. The clients do not need any technical training for doing so. Even a layman can use the app and find bugs in it.

appOwiz for Project Managers

appOwiz is beneficial for project managers as it helps them get updates about the bugs reported by the users. They can get notified about the bugs and assign the work to the respective developers. It helps the project managers save time and money. It makes tracking, allotting, and management of the app easier for them.

This unique bug tracking tool is a must for every app developer and the project managers. It also helps to improve the communication between the developers and the clients and strengthens the relationship. So, what are you waiting for?

Try using appOwiz and deliver bug-free apps to your clients. Signup for free account today.

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