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Easy In-App Feedback and Bug Reporting with appOwiz

December 3, 2015 General
Easy In-App Feedback and Bug Reporting with appOwiz

Many devices with various resolutions and sizes have been developed by most companies. So it becomes difficult to track the bugs owing to such a complex system. Also, the biggest issue with the testing of iOS app is UDID. Moreover, too often, developers receive a negative rating for their new app but don’t receive thorough feedback on how to improve the app experience or fix a bug in real time. Before you run out of patience, today, we are announcing the launch of appOwiz, the best in-app visual feedback, app distribution, crash and analytic reporting for mobile app developers, supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Integrate appOwiz SDK with your application in few seconds and enjoy the tool services.

This tool is useful to mobile app developers, mobile app startups, App Development Companies and mobile app testers.

You can provide your clients the easiest way to send in-App feedback by simply integrating appOwiz SDK with their application, whereby with just a simple tap of button, they get a feedback form allowing them to capture the screen of your app with an audio and video recording feature, submit bug reports and feedback to developer. Users can directly use their mobile device to point out mistakes in app. Tool’s Bug tracking and Crash Reporting in interpretable & meaningful format eases developer’s job. Additionally, you can forward your app’s bug reports to 3rd party service hooks like bugzilla. appOwiz helps distribute the app with your team members facilitating easy delegation of tasks and making your testers happy by reducing their extra efforts. Various statistics and graphical reports help you identify trends of your app.

Enjoy the ease of bug tracking with our organized dashboard that gives real time updates when a new feedback is sent and provides all of the important data to easily debug your app:

  • Model information
  • App version
  • Carrier
  • Memory Storage
  • Location
  • Battery
  • App Version
  • Console Log
  • OS version
  • Language
  • Region format
  • Screen density
  • Timezone
  • Screen size
  • Orientation
  • Cell network

The best feature is that due to the responsive dashboard, mobile app developers can check on the feedback from any device on the go and also get email notifications whenever a feedback is sent.

Checkout our dashboard, explore our awesome tool and register now to build better apps; make your users happier and more satisfied.

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  • Being an App Developer, I have to regularly send the Ad-Hoc bundles to my customers to receive their feedback & we know how tedious and messy the work can get. Hence, I thought to give appOwiz a try. It turned out to be the easiest way to distribute Ad-Hoc OTA by simply uploading the bundle and send invite via email to download the app. appOwiz has ensured that my customers are looking at which bundle to give the feedback which in return, saves my time.

    Kevin Peter
    Kevin Peter

    Bully Button App

  • We have tried everything. Email, face to face meetings, long phone calls to get our customers' feedback about the mobile apps we are building for them. There used to be that little gap in the communication which led to rework. We came across appOwiz and upon using it, I can confidently say that our accuracy level has been increased extensively. The Visual and Audio Feedback makes sure that there is no communication gap and my customers and my developers stay on the same page.

    Ella Jastin
    Ella Jastin


  • I am not a techy guy who wanted to build my own mobile app. It was way difficult for me to express what exactly I needed or what is not as per my expectations so my app developer asked me to give feedbacks using this great tool called appOwiz and believe me it is so easy because I can literally point out where exactly what I want using its features like write notes, record voice notes, screen capturing etc.

    John Loe
    John Loe

    Road Peer


appOwiz 's SDK is available in all the 3 major platforms, Andorid, iOS and Windows. By following simple steps you can integrate appOwiz SDK in your app and app user can start submitting bug reports and feedback.

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