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appOwiz – A new wave in the field of mobile app testing

March 30, 2016 General
appOwiz – A new wave in the field of mobile app testing

Jack was a developer working with a leading IT firm in the US. He had developed several apps and needed a quality assurance professional to test the apps built by him. He hired many freelancers for the job, but he was not benefited much from it as the end users kept complaining about the bugs in the app they came across while using the app. He thought of using appOwiz as a bug and issue tracking system. Once he used it, he could invite users and get notified about the bugs they detect. It was an easy and simple solution for him to get users’ feedback and he resolved the bugs right during the development.

How does appOwiz work?

  • Developer invites the users
  • User find bugs in the app
  • User can capture screen or video of the bug found
  • The user can annotate it with an audio recording
  • Developer sees the bugs in the dashboard
  • He fixes the bugs

appOwiz is a unique system that helps the developers save time and money. When the users inform the developers about the bugs right at the time of development, there are chances that no bugs or issues would be slipped through. The clients (users) would be happy as the developers follow transparent approach with them. Regardless of the type of app you’re building, you’ll love appOwiz.

Get in touch with us to know more about appOwiz.

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  • Being an App Developer, I have to regularly send the Ad-Hoc bundles to my customers to receive their feedback & we know how tedious and messy the work can get. Hence, I thought to give appOwiz a try. It turned out to be the easiest way to distribute Ad-Hoc OTA by simply uploading the bundle and send invite via email to download the app. appOwiz has ensured that my customers are looking at which bundle to give the feedback which in return, saves my time.

    Kevin Peter
    Kevin Peter

    Bully Button App

  • We have tried everything. Email, face to face meetings, long phone calls to get our customers' feedback about the mobile apps we are building for them. There used to be that little gap in the communication which led to rework. We came across appOwiz and upon using it, I can confidently say that our accuracy level has been increased extensively. The Visual and Audio Feedback makes sure that there is no communication gap and my customers and my developers stay on the same page.

    Ella Jastin
    Ella Jastin


  • I am not a techy guy who wanted to build my own mobile app. It was way difficult for me to express what exactly I needed or what is not as per my expectations so my app developer asked me to give feedbacks using this great tool called appOwiz and believe me it is so easy because I can literally point out where exactly what I want using its features like write notes, record voice notes, screen capturing etc.

    John Loe
    John Loe

    Road Peer


appOwiz 's SDK is available in all the 3 major platforms, Andorid, iOS and Windows. By following simple steps you can integrate appOwiz SDK in your app and app user can start submitting bug reports and feedback.

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